poult issue


6 Years
Jun 10, 2013
Hatched some chocolate poults late last week.

3 had issues getting on their back and couldn't get up.

Placed all back into incubator for couple if days all seemed fine so put them in brooder. All were good for next 2 days.

Went out this morning one was on its back on the cool end of the brooder. I thought it was dead but when I picked it up started moving. Its was cold.

Put it in bator. Poult is weak all its doing is sleeping. I've tried to get it to eat and drink but to no avail.

Its like poult has given up. Does it have a chance. Should I cull it. Or wait and see what nature decides.

Any suggestion welcome.
The only thing I think you can do is put vitamins/electrolytes in the water, if it doesn't drink on its own try using a dropper, just drip some at the edges of it's beak(careful to avoid the nostrils), when it feels the moisture it should open it's beak making the liquid drip in and letting the chick drink it on it's own. It might not help but at least you would have tried something.
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