Poult picking on my silkies


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Dec 16, 2008
I have 2 mixed turkeys I got from Marlen Chaser. They are a pair and I absolutely adore them. They have been raised with my silkies (although they can go anywhere on the property they like to stay close to them and protect them and the BBW turkeys that will be going in the freezer soon.

Today the female decided to beat up my silkie hens, I stopped it immediately since she could easily crush them and put her in the dog run for time out for an hour.

She normally gets along very well with them and the tom is not aggressive to any of them even gets along with my roo.

Is this because she is getting older (5 months or so) and is there something I can do to stop it, at any point she can access them since she can fly and their pen is not covered (it is hawk proof though with string and such but she just goes on the porch and hops in with out being bothered with all the protection.

I would not be bothered if the chickens were of normal size but the silkies are just so little that I know without doing it on purpose she could accidentally kill one of them.
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Apr 26, 2007
Fair Oaks, California
Wow, sorry to hear that. i know nothing about turkeys or why she would attack them all of a sudden. But now that she has that in her little head, i would suspect it will happen again, and perhaps at a time you aren't there to intervene. Silkies are just so vulnerable. Were it me, i would make sure they never come into contact with each other again.

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