Poultry abuse!

Nov 2, 2017
If you look at the saxony, they are like a brownish grey. Hatchery stock doesn't always look exactly like the pics shown. But, you could have a mix. The females look like saxony. If you scroll down, this blog shows a drake with similar head coloring as yours.
Can't wait for saxony ducklings🥰
They will be the most thankful ducks. I'm glad they were brought here.

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These have brown heads with no shiny color. Do Saxony come with brown heads also?
These are chunky like Pekin size.
So many duck's to look at online.
You may be very surprised how they look once you get these ducks well fed and given lots of TLC please be sure and post lots of pictures.
Are the others bills the same as the one you posted the picture of? are they able to eat okay?


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Aug 22, 2021
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I was wondering if birds qualify for protection or if the convict poultry abuse. They don't qualify as live stock in Oregon. Do u know who I would contact?
Animal abuse is now a felony...passed a few years ago. That said, rarely get jail time, but restrictions on having animals and fines/probation frequently do get imposed on serious cases. It is worth contacting the authorities. Local police is a start, but if you have animal control officers that is a better place to start (or both - they frequently work in tandem...at least in my state.)
Nov 2, 2017
You may be very surprised how they look once you get these ducks well fed and given lots of TLC please be sure and post lots of pictures.
Are the others bills the same as the one you posted the picture of? are they able to eat okay?
They seem to be ok with eating. Gave them lettuce and they freaked for it. The water should help with healing the mind and body. They cleaned themselves like hadn't bathed in years. Pretty dang cute. Cleaning eachother was sweet to watch:)
Thank you for caring......😊
They will be our mascot ducks for abused duckies.
Jul 18, 2018
I agree with the others, the local police and/or animal control are the people to contact if you want to make sure no more abuse occurs. Stay away from PETA.

Now onto my little soap box. I’m not looking to start a fight, just to inform and fight against misinformation. The poultry industry is NOT a horrible abusive industry. Battery cages are often referenced as evidence of abuse, but the fact is that due to consumer concern, they are often not used anymore. Generally hens are now kept in larger enriched cages or cage-free. That being said, research has shown that birds in these “more humane” housing situations actually present with greater stress levels, decreased immune responses, and increased mortality. They are flighty birds that were bred to live in cages and if you take birds with those genetics and put them together, it is a stressful situation for them. It’s like taking a bunch of really shy people and throwing them into a room with each other. Because of consumer demand, the industry is trying to breed birds to live in these housing systems, but currently, it isn’t actually what is truly best for the birds. In all of the sectors of the commercial poultry industry, and the ag industry overall, animal welfare is a top priority, and constantly being researched. The industry isn’t evil and not everyone (in fact very, very few people) who works in it are evil. Unfortunately, the media and PETA take pictures of the worst of the worst and portray that as the industry standard. This is false, and those that treat animals in an inhumane animal are shut down. Not to mention it makes zero sense to mistreat or improperly care for an animal as, not only is it morally wrong, but it actually decreases profits. In the current market, producers have to treat their animals as humanely as possible in order to turn a profit. If you take care of your animals, they’ll take care of you.

Okay, I’ll get off my soapbox now. Sorry for the super long post 😅


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They are so happy for water🥰 just made my day...
They have been cleaning eachother for a long while. They probably were loud becuase no pool. Ducks HAVE to have water. What's the point of being a duck without water? Some people say don't need it but that's like us without a bath...eeek!


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Feb 3, 2021
No not Peta, please.
PETA is a mixed bag.

On one hand, they have stopped a lot of animal abuse, and tirelessly continue trying to stop it. Also, in some areas, such as where their headquarters is, they also offer low-cost or no-cost vet care, as well as have a spay/neuter mobile unit that has kept thousands of unwanted puppies and kittens from being born.

On the other hand, they have euthanized thousands of domestic animals since they don't run shelters; including getting dogs and cats under false pretenses to euthanize, because they feared they would end up being group gassed in kill shelters. Their utter self-righteousness bothers me, too. They are always right about their animal views, and those who disagree with them are always wrong.

I didn't mention their contact page to start a debate about PETA, however. I simply thought they could inform Alecia Davidshofer who she could contact in her area, if she actually wanted to call in the authorities, which she apparently does not, and I do understand that.
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