Poultry Auction In Gardner Kansas 9/14/2019

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Conserve Heritage Breed Livestock
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Apr 11, 2016
NW Missouri
HOAGBA/Gardner Auction

8:00 A. M., Saturday, September 14, 2019

Johnson County Fairgrounds, Gardner, Kansas, located at 136 E. Washington Street in downtown Gardner. Take Exit 210 off I-35. Go west on Highway 56/Main St to the 4th stoplight.
Turn right onto Elm St. Go north 2 blocks to the fairgrounds.

The main arena auction of chickens, rabbits, pigeons, game birds, waterfowl, animals,
and equipment is held outdoors so dress according to the weather forecast.

$5.00 admission for all persons including children over 4 years old.

Consignments as of 9/25/19 are listed below. For more information about caging, commissions, and consignment updates, go to http://www.hoagbagardnerauction.org

Pheasants Swinhoe, Elliot’s Cheer, Mikado, Reeves, Lady Amherst, Bartail (if they can be sexed), Chinese, Melanistic, Mutant and Alaskan Snow Ringnecks, Southern Caucacus True Pheasant, Yellow Golden, Red Golden

Peafowl 3-year old Cameo Peahen, white, Black-shoulder, Bronze, Purple, Midnight, India Blue, various Pieds and Splits

Quail, Partridge, and Francolins QUAIL - Blue Scale, Gambel’s, California Valley, Mexican Speckled, Bobwhite, White Bobwhite, Georgia Giant Bobs several varieties Coturnix (Japanese)

PARTRIDGE - Barbary, Hungarian, gray Chukars

Wild Waterfowl DUCKS Smew hen, pr. Silver Bahama Pintail, 2 pr. Greater Bahama Pintail, White Mandarins, Mandarins, Wood Ducks, 2 par. Cape Shelducks GEESE 3 pr. Cacklers, Red-Breasted Gander, 2 pr. Barnacle

Aviary Birds and Warm Room Consignments female Red-Rumped parakeet, fancy Diamond Doves, Parakeet sm young Guinea Pigs, bird and small animal cages

Domestic Poultry and Waterfowl BANTAMS - several varieties Old English Game include Black, Chocolate, and Red Pyle Painted Silkies, other colors Silkies and Satins including frizzled of each, White Japanese, Black-tailed White Japanese, Belgian Bearded Quail d’Anvers, Silver Phoenix, Ameracauna, Mottle Cochins, White Leghorn, Brown Leghorn, Golden Sebright STANDARD CHICKENS - Frizzle Tolbunt Polish, Golden Lakenvelder, Ayam Cemani, Marans, Mosaic, Buff Orpington, Chocolate Laced Orpington, Jubilee Orpington, Foley line Blue Laced Red Wyandottes, variety of laying hens including Cinnamon Queens and Speckled Sussex, Bielefelders

DUCKS Gray, Blue, Black, White, Snowy, and Pastel Call Ducks, Black East Indies, Appleyard drake, Pekin, Aylesbury, Muscovys including Chocolate

GEESE Buff, Egyptian, African, Embden, Sebastopol

GUINEAS White, Pearl, Pied, Coral Blue, Chocolate

TURKEYS Blue Slate, Narragansett, Black Spanish, Bourbon Red

Equipment Wire, collapsible sale cages, feeders, water founts

Rabbits pr. Flemish Giant (black buck, blue doe), English Lops, Holland Lop, Mini Rex, Netherland Dwarf, Hotot

Pigeons Frillback, Saxon Breast, Saxon Monk, Ice, Giant Runts, Arabian Trumpeters, German Owls, Carriers, Modenas,

Chicks and Eggs Turkey poults, Mosaic, Blue Laced Red Wyandottes, Silkies, Satins, Chocolate Laced Orpingtons, Buff Orpington, Rhode Island Red. Black Sexlink, Green Egg Layers
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