5 Years
Apr 25, 2014
I have had nothing but a headache with this guy. It took escalating to PayPal to get the company to respond to emails and voice mails. The owner even accused me of not communicating to him and that communication is a two way street! I have proof of email and voicemail left. I sent back the door in the original packaging with everything included and he had the door for over 2 weeks and still did not process my refund.

The door itself had issues with the timer. Plus, the mechanism to make the door stop on the way up had to be modified (we put a felt bumper to increase the distance) and the door easily slides up from a closed position. Any critter that leans on it well will be able to lift the door.

Bad company, bad product, bad service, I have nothing good to say about them.

We switched to Pullet Shut Chickendoors.com and it was cheaper and better. It works great! Great customer service, too. Awesome!

Poultry Bulter = BAD

Chickendoors.com = GOOD


12 Years
Apr 15, 2008
Dunlap Illinois
I use the pullet-shut door from chickendoors.com

Let me tell you this guy is FANTASTIC! I had a problem where my door kept resetting & losing the open/close times. It was driving me crazy.

He actually called me & while on the phone with me had me run a series of tests - it turned out I had a broken wire running to the battery! It was MY wire!

I've had the current door for something like 5 years & it still works perfectly day & night, summer & winter - cold or hot!

This is one of the best products!

& No - he didn't pay me to say this - I like it that much!

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