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Blue Knight

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10 Years
Mar 11, 2009
Gainesville, Georgia
Really new to all of this, and thats sad living in the poultry capital of the world
...Don't have any chickens yet, but hope to get started soon and am interested in the rare and endangered breeds if you have any suggestions.
Found out about this site through trial and error and alot of searching through web links.. Looks like a great site and alot of friendly people and many off topics so I thought I'd join.
As for hobbies, well thats going to take a minute.. I do torchwork ( make glass beads, pendants, etc), teach stained glass, ceramic instructor, woodworking, glass etching, and make vinyl sign art for car windows (or whatever)... and the ususal fish, hunt, metal detection, rock hunting..
Am a police by profession and have been for 30 years.
Pets include: 4 cats, 1 Siberian Husky, and 1 lonesome saltwater crab.

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