Poultry feed information and feed mills. I appreciate the help!


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Hello, I am wanting to get more information regarding feed and feed mills. I am wanting to be able to know how much feed/quantity of feed i would need to feed 2,083 cornish crosses in the span of two months of their production? I am wanting to just get some numbers and callculations since I am also wanting to know how much the feed amount would cost.

How much does each poultry generally eat a day? and how much does it differ compared to a cornish cross?

I am thinking that making my own blend of feed in a feed mill would be cheaper, but how much would it be to produce the amount of feed I need in a feed mill?
I am also wanting to get info on feed mill locations in Ny state close to ulster, orange or sullivan county or if not near those locations I would like to at least know of one close by near nj or pa.

I do appreciate the help as i know i need all the help i can in getting the information i need.
Thank you very much!


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A lot of birds, FarmersFresh!

I don't know about your local mills. The local Cooperative Extension agent should be of help with that question and others.

Check out Table 1, Body weights and feed requirements of broilers on the University of Missouri website.

2,083 broilers would each eat about 6,000 grams to 9 weeks of age. That's about 13.25 pounds. 2,083 x 13.25 = 27,600 pounds. . . nearly 14 tons.

A lot of feed, FarmersFresh!


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