Poultry for Sale SE PA


10 Years
Mar 3, 2009
I posted this on craigslist but I figure I should post it here,too.

I am looking to downsize my flock to make room for more poultry and focus on some of the other breeds/crossbreeds I have:

I have a mix of birds for sale:

A breeding quad of Texas A&M (white) coturnix quail for sale - $20

A few Blue Swedish Crosses 3 to 6 months old. All drakes- $10 each

2 purebred Blue Swedish Drakes for sale 2 years old - $10 each

A few crossed chickens for sale 3 months old. I haven't sorted these out yet. I would be letting go of mostly roosters and the ones that look like Buff Orpingtons, which may or may not be purebred. Some are EE roos $5 each

2 Barred Rock Hens and 2 Black Star/Buff Orpington Hens. These are a bit scratched up from mating and should start molting soon. $10 each

Ducklings - I may have a few ducklings for sale. I am receiving an order of 10 the week of Oct 5th and haven't decided if I will keep them all yet. They are Purebred Cayuga and Gold Star Hybrid from McMurray Hatchery . $10 each

I would like these birds to go to pet homes because frankly I could just eat them myself but I would rather give them a chance in another pet home first.

Contact me if you have any interest, If you are certain of something you would like please let me know ahead of time so i can capture them since all my birds, except the quail, are free range and they take some time to round up. Please bring a large enough container to transport your new birds.

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