Poultry Heaven Farms 12+ Standard Pure Assortment


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Nov 10, 2007
Mooresburg TN
You are bidding on an assortment of eggs from my farm.

All eggs are pure unless stated.

All eggs are standard breeds

I will try to include 3 of a breed.

I don't know which breed you will get.

If you are wanting a certain breed please email me at [email protected].

I will try to put that breed mostly in the doz + eggs.

It depends on who is laying.

I always include extras as well.

shipping will be Flat rate $12.00

Breeds I have are:

Barred Cochins

Silver Pheonix

Silver Spangled Hamburg

Silver Spangled Pheonix (Project breed)

Blue Laced Red Wyndottes

and Cochins assortment colors

(Golden Laced rooster over Golden laced,Silver Laced, Blue, Black, and white hens)

Paypal or money order please

Please do not press but it now
PM me if you want these eggs
I have serval sets to go out next week

If your eggs come in broken with 2 or more I would gladly replace them for the shipping cost.

It does happen much but sometime the PO can get a little rough.

I pack my eggs in serval layers of bubble wrap and tuck them in the middle of the box with sheded paper and bubble wrap all around them.

If you get two doz or more shipping will be $15 for a large flat rate box.
yes they have been laying pretty good. I could probly get you at least 8 to 10 eggs for just the standard cochins. That'll included the barred and the color assortment.
Hi! I was wondering if you could send these with the White and Blue Mottled Cochins, I could send you $1 and the few dollars extra shipping would be.
Okay maybe I do LOL I can't keep track of every thing

Do you know when you will be able to ship them?

next week work for you? I thought I got all the eggs sent LOL

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