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    It's Chicken Inspection day here, and the nice poultry inspector named Ed from Boston MA came out and banded and took a blood sample. The best thing is it is free! Yes FREE. He sat and looked at each chicken and then took a blood sample from under their wing.

    We chatted about selling eggs and organic eggs and such, and he said if you do sell eggs make sure they say "no grade, no size" on the package. If someone got sick from eggs you sell them you could get sued. But usually if you give them away they won't sue.

    He said you should give them apple cider vinegar 4 days out of the month, and then stagger some yogurt and electrolites in their water. He said most people use DE to worm them, but there's no science to back that up (make sure it's food grade)

    He also said I could show them under "production birds" which means they aren't pure bred birds, but bred for eggs and not breed.

    I may go to the Boston Poultry show in Oxford MA just to get an idea of what is involved in showing, Nov. 3 and 4th.


    After he said they send back results and I asked for a certificate just in case someone needs it. You have to request them, they aren't automatic. So I requested one from Ed.

    All in all very informative and helpful information.
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    Megan is our inspector here in Middlesex county. Very nice person and definitely a bird lover!

    I will also be going to Oxford in November, just to look around. None of mine will be in decent enough condition to show this year.

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