Poultry Lice/Mites Help!!!

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  1. Ok, so a couple weeks ago I was checking my birds.... and it turns out that they had mites and lice! When I was checking before I would only check under neck and wing feathers, then I just decided to check their vent (stupid huh) Ewww! I ran back to the house and yelled to my mom. Then we ran to the feed store, (after I had taken a bath of course) and purchased some Poultry Protecter spray. It was dark when we got home. In the morning I sprayed all my girls bottoms. Which was both a good and disgusting experience.

    Then the weather was cold for several days so I didn't treat them. But after about a week a throughly treated their coop with bleach/soap water. Then I treated my girls again. Even after that they all still have a pretty good amount of bugs!!

    Can anyone tell me what product works well to completley get RID of this? And how often to treat with it? One lady said she gave hers a Permethrin/baby shampoo bath and never saw another bug.... what do you think about that idea?

    Thanks so much

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