Poultry of Ponce, Puerto Rico

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  1. Last month i went to Puerto Rico as a missionary. We worked in the barrios of Ponce (belgica) repairing houses. The streets there are littered with all sorts of bantams. Mixed breeds, pure breeds, everything. They didn't belong to anyone in particular, they just waltzed around the neighborhood. People would feed them as they walked by, like neighborhood pets. We had to take off a man's porch because he could no longer use it. Underneath, we found this: https://www.backyardchickens.com/forum/uploads/103534_2011-07-13_14-59-04_804.jpg

    candled them, and they were all fertile but very premature still (only a day or two of incubation) i dont even think the hen was done laying. Its been a month since i found them so they are more likely than not week-old chicks now. I miss that city so much, but i bet those chicks are happy munching on quenepa seeds and whatnot.
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    Quote:Wow, That's so neat.
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    Quote:Wow, That's so neat.

    That is neat! [​IMG]

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