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Oct 30, 2012
Im looking to start raising meat birds for my personal use and to sell whats left. I plan on raising around 50 at a time but cannot find a processor nearby to process and package the birds. Im shorthanded and am not really trying to do them myself if i can avoid it. Can anyone provide some insight on where a good processor is located in central virginia.
I Would also like to add a little question. Im trying to raise between 25-50 cornish x in a a space thats about 10x10. I can expand this space if need be. It is all open space within my former garden, and ill probably add a small hoop house to it. the fence around it is aproximately 2 ft tall. is this sufficient enough space and will the cornish x be able to jump that fence or do i need to make it taller. any suggestions will be happily accepted.
Did you ever find a mobile processor to come do your birds or did you find a processor you could take the birds to? Just curious, am considering starting down the road you're on and am also in central Virginia (10 minutes north of Charlottesville).
Where either of you able to find a local processor? I am looking into possibly offering on your farm processing and was looking to see if there was any interest or not.

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