Poultry run/yard without wire fencing?

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    I am hoping to find ideas for a chicken/duck yard that requires no wire fencing. My mother is build a coop, yard & pond for a few ducklings she's excited to bring home but doesn't have any fencing and wanted to look into ideas for a "wireless" fence.

    She already has the house built, including a patio over the pond and a ramp for them to go into the yard if they don't wanna get wet. She's working on the pond this week... we've been collecting river rocks to decorate it a little too [​IMG]

    Hope this makes sense and hope you guys have some ideas & pictures!!
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  2. maybejoey

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    I dont know. I think that it depends on if you trust your ducks enough not to run away and if there are any predators that could get them. I know of a fence that is basicaly like a volleyball net that you assemble into a fence.

    hope you figure it out.[​IMG]
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    Their yard is fully fenced with cyclone fencing but she wants them to have their OWN, ducky area. We're not too worried about them flying off or getting away. they'll be clipped and they're very docile & friendly(Muscovies). No predator problems wither, she has 2 dogs that are good with & LOVE the ducks, one shares their pool on hot days [​IMG] so they'll always be safe from predators.

    I had an old roll of fencing here but it's only a couple feet tall, like garden fence, so they'll just hop over it. and you know how expensive fencing is!! So far everything she has used was recycle from her roomates construction jobs, gifted from friends or found. I think we're even going to make the feeder & waterer too!
  4. maybejoey

    maybejoey got chickenidous?

    Then I think that it will be fine.[​IMG]

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