Poultry Seminar & Bio Security Lecture December 6th in Marion Indiana

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    I confirmed the below information with the appropriate people at Purdue University within the last hour.

    Out of Bluffton Indiana you have a company called veterinarian poultry supply that will open the program up to let poultry owners know the products they carry and there is a farmer 3 miles east of converse Indiana by the name of John Boyer that's doing some real interesting things with non-GMO grains for livestock feed.

    Poultry Seminar & Bio Security Lecture 5PM December 6th at Eastbrook high school-east of Marion Indiana

    Dr. Wakenell headed of the ADDL at Purdue university, Dr Alexandria Holloway, DVM Purdue university resident: ADDL at Purdue and Dr Jeff Lossie ADDL at Purdue will becoming to Eastbrook high school east of Marion, several veterinarian interns & animal science majors from Purdue University will be accompanying her. Topics covered will be internal & external parasite identification in poultry, treatments and medications to use and there's a chance there will be a live demo and individual tutorial sessions instructing how to properly identify parasites under a microscope by observing fresh stool samples from chickens.

    If your considering attending, please contact me with numbers in your party, this way we can ensure area seminar is held in is big enough to handle our crowd.

    James Heasley
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