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Oct 22, 2007
New Market,Tn.
OK here's what I'm asking .....I live in East Tn. and am the Poultry Director for The Jefferson County Fair. Our Fair starts July 31st and goes thru August 9th. Our Poultry Show is scheduled for the 1st Saturday of the fair. I am already buying a sponsorship for BYC out of my own pocket and would like to know if any of you that have your own business near east Tn. would like to help sponsor our show? I am having a 2 foot x 7 foot banner made with all sponsors on it. I will post pics of the banner when I have all the sponsors on it, so you can see your business name on it. Spaces on the banner will measure 6 inches x 12 inches or 12 inches x 12 inches depending on what you want. Prices will be $15.00 for the smaller size or $30.00 for the larger size. You will have to send me the name of your business and any logo's you want on it. Please let me know if interested because, I need to be getting this together soon.
We are trying to get our show sanctioned for next year and are striving for a large turn-out this year. Anyone wanting to attend this show can reach me at [email protected]
Thanks for your time, Jeff


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Jan 26, 2007
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Thats really cheap advertising! Great way for people to advertise their farms and get more hatching egg orders. I did something similar a few years ago and got over run with orders over the next few weeks.

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