Jul 20, 2020
Hello all you chicken fanciers I have been looking around on this website for a while now and have noticed some poultry shows. I do in fact raise a number of different poultry and all of the breeds I do also show. I was looking around and saw that most of these shows are ugliest chicken contest, cutest chick contest. And many others and from the eye of a man that is competitively showing birds I would NOT call any of those shows! So I am now creating a thread that will be a online show that will only be a show and not a look at my barnyard mix! It's a look at my purebred! I will be the judge as I am a poultry judge.


Only purebred APA recognized breeds and varietys

Birds of any APA recognized breeds are welcome including waterfowl turkeys and poultry of course!

Birds must be fully feathered! So no chicks or young pullets or cockerels.

And please no commenting on other people photos till judging is OVER!

How to enter your bird!

All you need to do is post a picture/s of your bird you can only post 1 time pls. And you need to say what breed you bird is what variety it is and if it is a hen cock cockerel or pullet.


My blue Cochin hen

Have fun!! aplications end on September 1


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