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The definition of a silhouette in photography is an outline appearing dark on a light background. You will see your subject in the form of a black shape with no detail against a brighter background. A silhouette can be used to add drama and mystery to an image, as well as convey a certain mood.

Your sassy poultry is just as capable of expressing themselves through silhouette photography. We would love to see pics of your poultry silhouette-style for a chance to win one of three calendars.

  • Four entries per member. An entry is *one* silhouette-style picture of your domestic poultry. One entry per post, please.
  • All domestic poultry allowed (chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese, peafowl guinea fowl, quail, pheasants, etc.).
  1. The picture needs to have been taken by you.
  2. You cannot use a photo that won an award in another BYC sponsored contest.
  3. No overly-edited or filtered images—basic editing such as cropping and other subtle changes are allowed.
  4. Extra consideration for picture quality!
  5. No people in the picture (no faces, fingers, hands, arms, etc.).
  6. No screenshots, and no watermarks, date stamps, text, etc. on the picture.
  7. ALL pictures MUST be uploaded to BYC and not hosted on other image sites, personal websites, etc.
  8. Prizes are limited to one per person per contest.
  9. Open to all BYC members.
  10. All BYC rules apply: Terms of Service (Rules)
  11. Entries will be accepted until January 1st at 11:59 PM Pacific Time.
First1-year PFM ($60 value) for yourself or a friend & a BYC 2022 Calendar!
Second6-month PFM ($35 value) for yourself or a friend & a BYC 2022 Calendar!
Third3-month PFM ($20 value) for yourself or a friend & a BYC 2022 Calendar!

The calendar is available to winners that reside in the United States. If the winners are outside of the United States, they will be awarded a 1-month PFM.

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