Poultry STUFF Swap! CURRENT OFFER: personalized chicken portrait

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    Feb 15, 2009
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    I've noticed there's a ton of egg swaps, but no chicken stuff swaps. So here we go! Offer up anything chickeny: feathers, art, jewelry, fabric, hatching eggs, nonfertile eggs (for art or decoration of course, not eating), fake eggs, nicknacks... if it's chickeny, it's good!


    - Anything poultry related is good to go

    - Don't offer junk (broken, dirty, etc items)

    - Only offer what you're willing to SHIP

    - Provide pictures

    - If offering eggs, only offer what you can collect in 1 week. There will be a 6 egg minimum

    - If accepting personalized items, be clear in what you want


    I'll start the swap by offering a simple portrait of your favorite pet chicken. It will look like this, but much more detailed...


    I can do it traditionally or digitally, your choice. If traditional, I will mail the picture to you. If digital, I will email you your image as a .png and an editible file. Digital is great for website or logo design!
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    Great idea!

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