Poultry Swap Granby, Mo

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  1. Kramer Farms

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    Apr 13, 2008
    On Aug. 9th there is a swap in Granby, Mo.

    It's located just off highway 60 when you enter town coming from the west.

    Start time is around 7 and it last until about noon if you want to last til then.

    I'll be there with the following:

    cage bird feed (small and large parrot, cockatiel, finch, canary, and parakeet.)

    Pigeon and dove feed

    Small mammal feed (hamster, and rabbit)

    All kinds of bird supplies
    (cuttle bone, MILLET, toys, perches, nests, nesting material, nest boxes, everything needed to raise small birds.)

    New Cages of different sizes.

    button quail
    various finches (zebras, spice, society, orange weavers, and others.)
    If you want some finches ask me what I can bring, chances are I'll have it.

    Ringneck doves
    diamond doves(possibly)

    trio of melanistic pheasants
    Could bring a trio of breeder silver pheasants, and a pr. red golden pheasants, young lady amherst pheasants, bamboo partridge hen upon request.

    Prs. of the following:
    black east indie ducks
    pekin ducks
    black runners

    mostly drakes:
    fawn and white runners
    black cayuga
    blue swedish

    Could bring some young black indian runners and some young muscovy ducks upon request.

    Could bring breeder royal palm turkeys upon request.
    I will probably bring some young turkeys. (royal palm, black spanish, bourbon red)

    I plan on bringing some chickens of some sort. If there is something you want me to bring you let me know. Choices are from all young birds, cochins, japs, old english, other bantams.

    Also have some young lavender guineas that I could bring if wanted.

    I think that may just about cover all of it.
    If interested in anything let me know and I'll make sure it gets on the truck for you.

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  2. hartungfarm

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    Aug 2, 2014
    Do you ever or do you know where to get Ruen ducks? We had a pair of Ruens but they didn't survive the harsh Wisconsin winter we had last year and have recently moved to Granby and are looking to replace them.



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