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    A couple of editions of the periodical "Poultry Times" have crossed my desk recently. I didn't even know it existed. It is directed at larger poutry/egg producers but I enjoyed reading them, especially the articles on necrotic enteritis and infectious laryngotracheitis prevention and treatment. The November 22 edition offered an article on biosecurity as recommended by the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service of the USDA. It included a list of warning signs of infectious bird disease and the number to call to report disease or ask for help, which is 866-536-7593. This toll-free hotline has veterinarians on hand to help. I only briefly looked at the usda website but it looked interesting with lots of info: http://healthybirds.aphis.usda.gov .
    Poultry Times is published every other Monday and their website is www.poultryandeggnews.com
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    Thanks for sharing this info.

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