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Sep 22, 2013
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A question that I'm sure has been asked a 1000 before and has 1000 different answers; but, I am risking it anyway!
I have 5 3 week old super healthy, happy poults. They are currently in their brooder with 7 chicks that range from 4 weeks to 2 weeks old. Everybody is getting along fabulously. But, as was bound to happen, now they are flying out and I am starting to plan for their grow out pen. I have a dog pen that the whole crew could go into that would be 100% separate from my layer flock. But we have recently had a fox that has been ravaging our flock. So they might not be safe in there. The other option is the grow out pen I have used for all my chicks. It is super safe- a former trailer that nothing can get in or out of.
So now to the question- My poults have obviously already been exposed to chickens. Would it put them at a greater risk of getting blackhead by moving them into the trailer that has housed multiple young chicks and ducks? Do I move them to a pen that might (high likelihood) get raided by a fox or risk blackhead by putting them where chickens have been before? I love all my poultry, but I am also realistic about losses- they happen. I just opinions on what is the least risky! Thanks so much for your time!

And here is a pic of one of my poults where they were only a day old- just cause it is cute!



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From my understanding with blackhead, you either have it, or you don't. You should be able to get your soil tested, its more apt to be in humid, more wet or muddy areas. You could probably call around your local USDA office and find out if its in the area.


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If your birds have never been on soil and never will be on soil (in a trailer) and wild birds and earthworms have no access, then you won't have a problem with blackhead. Someone has to have the disease to spread the disease.


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Dec 28, 2014
I raise my turkeys along with my chickens, never had an issue with blackheads. Right now I have a chicken hen raising 7 poults in a section of my chicken coop. Also have four 3 week old poults running around with other chicks, sometimes they get picked on by older chicks but that is life in the pecking order.LOL
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The trailer sounds like the safest bet. It doesn't appear like blackhead is an issue but you already know that the fox is an issue! If you want you couldn't you bleach the trailer and let it air out for a day???

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