Powderpuff with her new diaper on~ possibly being picked on!!!!photo

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by wannabchick, Jan 4, 2011.

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    I placed a post up, what sex do you think I am? and most agree she is a she.. well, she is only 9 weeks old so we are all guessing, but found her the past two days, cowering in the brooder with the other 3, which we all think maybe boys...

    and she cowers so badly she hides no joke litteraly around the water feeder and sits in it... every time I take her off it, she is wet and shivering..and place her over, I find her there again. Today thought alright, will try the diaper on her, and let her sit with me....

    Is she being pecked, picked on, is this why she could be cowering?, the other 3 are 7 weeks old, and all were shipped in together Dec 22nd and let me add, she doesnt like that diaper....but, this way, she isnt pooping all over me..
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    I have a silkie that looks very similar to your little white one, and it's a girl too. What I would do, is just sit back and watch them all for a while. Like maybe for a half hour or so if you can. Just observe quietly. Once they get used to you just sitting there watching, they will resume their normal activities, and you will see if she is being picked on.

    As you are observing them, just keep an eye on your little silkie's behavior too. Perhaps she may be a bit under the weather. Signs of an illness might be her not eating or drinking as much as the others, or just not acting normally.

    You sort of need to be a detective sometimes to find out what's going on. Good luck!

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    Awwww...what a pretty fluffy baby.....
    hope it all works out.


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