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    Never under estimate the power of love even between chickens [​IMG]

    My black Silkie rooster has been sick for awhile (no idea why - not looking for answers or advice here, just sharing the story). While I was away in Ohio at the Ohio National last weekend, he decided to give up. He stopped eating, drinking, cleaning himself, moving around - was basically just waiting to die it seemed. I never give up hope and I never stop trying to save my pets but I was getting a bit worried and have been preparing myself. In the meantime, I have been making him comfortable and keeping him warm with heat lamps and food and water within reach. Today, with bad weather predicted for us over the next couple days, I decided to move his girlfriend, a white Silkie, into the garage for the winter (she is a little princess). She has been very lonely without him, moping around and getting picked on a lot by the others. She immediately starts talking to him from her cage in the other room (we have two separated rooms in our garage - I use one for a hospital ward). Over the next few hours I notice him perk up, start cleaning himself and drinking a lot of water and picking at his food again. I gave him some high protein prescription wet cat food tonight and eggs which he has been diligently working on. I don't know if he will make it, but I do know that love is a very powerful thing!
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    Awww! That's adorable! I'll be rooting for him! He's gonna pull through!
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    I, too, believe in the Power of Love! It's amazing how animals and we, humans respond to even a gentle touch!!! I hope your boy pulls thru and that he and his girlfriend make sweet 'music' together soon...
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    Philomath, Oregon
    Thank you everyone. Unfortunately it is a sad day for me and his girlfriend; he passed away sometime overnight [​IMG] I still believe in the power of love and I believe he died knowing he was loved.
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    Apr 14, 2007
    I am so sorry for your loss. [​IMG]

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