Power outage, Candling.


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10 Years
May 18, 2009
England, United Kingdom
My eggs are on day 11 of incubation and while I was out, the power had gone out and come back on. I left them for an hour or so, so they could warm back up, but I don;t know how long the power was out for. I candled them, my first time candling an batch of chicken eggs and saw a large black mass, I didn't look for movement. I know that one is definetely fertile as on day 7 there were veins covering most of the egg. Does the black mass mean that the chick is fine? It could have happened anywhere between 12 and 3 and of course the incubator window woulod not have been opened. The display says 10 days to hatching, which according to my manual means the power could not have been out long as it still displays the days left till hatching. Would the embryo be ok?

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