Power outage, graphic pic, dead chick/egg

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    We lost power and I had eggs about to hatch. Hatcher temperature went down to 85 at one point then 12 hours later to 92.
    I also had to move the eggs/hatcher 3 times. Once out to the truck to try setting up the power converter then the next day to a neighbor's house with a generator a bit over a mile down the road. We we went to bring the eggs home the hatcher moved and the eggs rolled. This one cracked/opened. I did lay a wet cloth across it for 24 hours the decided it was dead.
    So is there any chance the other 5 might still hatch? They are coming up on 23-24 days.
    I am also worried about the others that are due in 3 days and in a week.

    I am using one incubator for incubating and then one other for hatching.....if anything is left alive to hatch.
    These are thumbnails, if you click on them they get bigger.


    All the Golden lakenvelder chicks lived through the power outage. The few Golden Spangled Hamburgs that made it past the first 48 hours seem to be doing good. I had over 50 eggs incubating. From 2 days setting to due.
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    So sorry, you did all you could do. [​IMG]

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