Power Outage Stress relief!! Photos!!

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    My DH got tired of seeing me look like this [​IMG] last summer (our power went out three times), so he went to Harbor Freight and came back with a fix! [​IMG]
    I just thought I would share with you all and hope someone else would benefit. Please feel free to ask questions. [​IMG]
    We only hook it up when we are incubating. [​IMG]

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    I have a battery backup for my office computer... just one item that you plug in and it connects to the computer so if the power goes out.
    No need for three items and you can buy it at any computer store... and fairly inexpensive.
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    Quote:That sounds great! How long does it last?
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    Not trying to sell anything BUT The Hovabator 1588 Genesis runs on 12vdc from a power supply115vac.There is also a harness to run it straight off a 12vdc battery...cva34
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