Power went out and 4 day old ducks in brooder!


In the Brooder
8 Years
Apr 30, 2011
We are having storms come through and the power went out. Any suggestions on keeping my babies warm? They are in the house and I have a flashlight on them for light but the temp is down to 73. They seem to be doing ok now - how long do you think they can stay like this?
How many of them are there? Our power was off for 12 hours when my first chicks were 2 weeks old. We had a wood stove in the room they were in and so kept that going (and actually had to be more careful they didn't get too hot, rather than too cold). Do you have hot water? Maybe you could throw a hot water bottle in with them? Or if you have a wood stove in another room heat up a rock a bit (not too hot, obviously), wrap it, and put that in with them? I'm sure some more experienced people will have other suggestions though.
Depending on how many you have, you could slip on a sweatshirt and put them in the pocket. They'll cuddle against you for heat. Inconvenient, sure, but it'll keep your chickies warm. If you have a gas stove you could warm a few bricks then wrap those in a towel and put them in the brooder--they'll radiate heat for a while. Or, a thermos filled with hot water?
I only have 4 in there and I put a blanket on top to try and keep the heat in. Good idea with the hot water bottles! (And ironic because we have about 6 in the freezer for my cochins outside to fight the heat!)

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