Pox in very young chicks

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    I've come up dry on researching this topic. What are the symptoms of fowl pox in very young chicks?

    My broody hen has dry pox. The chicks are 10 days old. My questions are

    --Since they have been exposed already, is there any point in separating them from the mama?
    --Do chicks this age survive?
    --how can I tell if a baby chick died from pox?

    Please respond if you have experience with this problem. Thanks!

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    I know this thread is old, but I decided to post here rather than start a new thread with basically the same topic.

    If baby chicks are hatched in the coop, exposed to the pox that my other chickens just had, will they develop the pox or will they develop immunity to it?

    They are 4 days old and very active and healthy, mom is taking good care of them.
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    Apr 5, 2011
    SE Georgia
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    I'm not sure, [​IMG] just don't want to make you feel abandoned
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    Perhaps you should ask this question in the diseases/emergencies section.
  6. They are definitely not immune to it. I had some hatch a couple years ago and the momma hen had the pox I did not know it till it was too late so they hatched under her, I took them away from her at 2 days of age because she was sick, after a few days they developed the pox and even with being medicated I lost 7 out of 10 chicks they got it real bad compared to the bigger chickens.
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