Poxine (Fowl Pox) Vac

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    Poxine 1000 dose Fowl Pox Vaccine
    Expires: 03 April 2013

    Contains a live virus that has to be reconsituted and includes web wing needles.

    I've decided NOT to vaccinate mine against Fowl Pox. I purchased it thinking that I could use just what I needed and then store the rest for later. It has to be used all at the same time. I only need 20 doses - that's a lot of waste and mine are too old to vaccinate, according to the package directions. It is in its original package, has not been tampered with, and stored in my refridgerator.

    $5 + Priority shipping to your zipcode in a stryofoam cooler with ice packs. The closer you are to me (NC), the better. Once it leaves my hands at the PO, I am not responsible for it. If you want insurance, let me know.

    From package:
    When to Vaccinate
    Chickens: Vaccination with Poxine is to be performed when chickens are at least 6 weeks of age and at least 1 month before they come into production. This vaccine is also recommended for the revaccination, at 12 weeks of age, of chickens that have been vaccinated at an age earlier than 6 weeks with another vaccine for the prevention of fowl pox.

    Turkeys: Fowl pox vaccination of turkeys is recommended in most areas because of the frequent and widespread occurrence of the disease. It is common practice to vaccinate poults when they are transferred from the brooder house to other quarters or the range. It is recommended that the vaccination of turkeys for market be avoided during the last 8 weeks prior to marketing.

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