PQ Lavender Split Silkie Chicks (Eastern Ky)

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    Jul 29, 2008
    Eastern, Kentucky

    I have some PQ Lavender SPLIT chicks I wanna sell. Reason for cull is I am looking for large foot feathering and huge crest and these guys just don't cut it.

    They are very nice babies but some lack the correct foot feathering (They DO have correct toes and skin color) & They lack in the crests.

    PQ ONLY!

    Mother of them is a blue an Black silkie hen and roo is a lav split.



    I have gotten Lavender babies from them but these guys are not Lavender they are black and blue some with some leakage in their hackles they could carry the lavender gene.


    Here is dad

    If interested message me PICK UP ONLY.

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