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    Apr 19, 2009
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    We're selling a pet quality pair of young sebastopols. They are about 5 months old, not quite in "full glory" yet. The male is curly, the female is smoothe-breasted. They are friendly, but no overly so. The male (we call him Oscar) is very talkative. He has just started breeding my female geese, though a bit awkwardly. They must go as a pair, unless you just want the gander, in which case I will make you a deal on him.

    *I also have 2 females that are Cotton Patch or Cotton Patch x American Blue available. The 4 of them would be a nice flock *

    We are close to Fall Creek Falls State park, in 37367. I will be traveling through Asheville, NC and Greenville SC in a couple weeks and could bring them along the route for a few dollars gas money. Otherwise I can meet within an hour of me, no charge. I am 1 hour from the AL and GA borders.


    No shipping, sorry.
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