~PQ Splash Cochin Bantam Roo~

Funky Feathers

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11 Years
Jan 15, 2009
My Coop
My Coop
nice looking Pet Quality Splash Cochin Bantam Roo, almost a year old, very heavy foot feathering, but he has a long back, floppy comb and doesn't have that round fluffy tail a SQ cochin should have. Good for improving foot feathering in your breeding program if your hens have good type. Shipping ranges from $27-$60 depending on zip code (how close you are to Maryland). Email me for shipping cost. $10 new box fee. Nice boy temperament-wise. Will ship at auction end on a Monday. NPIP papers included. BTW, my pet sitter said he can talk. She told me she was watering the ducks and he yelled out "water!". Good price for a talking chicken.



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