Pray for this little girl and her family

Thats so horrible! Do they have any ideas what happend? or who??
The police were amazing, they caught them in about 24 hours. The scary thing is it was 4 local kids and it was completely random. The last recorded murder in town is in the late 1800's.

Just shows you , you aren't safe anywhere.
Praying for them. My best friend lives down the street from where this happened. One of the kids who did it went to my girlfriends school. He dropped out last year. It is really scarry that they just did it at random.
Praying. The recession, increased popularity of violent videogames and movies, and less oversight of our teenaged population leads these kids into trouble. Too much testosterone, not enough judgement, and nobody watching them. The whole thing makes me so sad, that poor girl, her mom, and her family, and even those stupid boys and their families.

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