Prayer for my Mom please-PRAISE REPORT


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Aug 25, 2008
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She was admitted to the hospital tonight for severe vomiting and other things not to mention. Every test known to mankind has been done, and there is no answer. She has lost 40 lbs in 11 months due to this issue.

Thank you!
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Oh No! Prayers for her and your family!


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God, please watch over her and be with her family. Give those who love her and her family strength and peace. Father, guide those caring for her and direct them to the answer so that they may initiate the motions that will bring her complete and full healing.

Father you gave us your Self in human form in the body of Jesus, your Son, and through sinless life and blood for our sins, you have promised us eternal life. Father God, I ask that you grant this woman and her family peace and health in this life, and eternal love in your presence thereafter. All things in your time, your will. In Jesus' name- A'men.

I haven't any of your details, but vomiting for that long- and other things associated- were the exact presentation of my little sister's benign brain tumor coupled with celiac disease. Prior to diagnosis she was admitted 9 times in 18 months, and eventually inpatient mental for depression (who wouldn't be depressed?). After diagnosis, she had surgery and eats a gluten free diet and is now a 4.0 nursing student at a large University. There is hope!

PM me if you have questions.


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Jun 26, 2008
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Abba Father, thank You for being the Great Healer, our source of hope and Emmanuel! Touch Deb's mother, comfort her. Guide the doctors. A hedge of thorns about the family, Lord. Your will in Your timing, Father God. Provide the strength to get through this with joy, as promised in Your word.

The blood of Christ over them. By His stripes we are healed, I am claiming that today, Lord. In Jesus' most holy name, Amen.

Deb, move forward. Love to you today.

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