prayer request needed for my best friend and her young family

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    My best friend has a wonderful husband and young daughter who is 5. her daughter has some developmental delays and was living with her grandmother because my friend couldnt cope. . . but she met her husband, got married and now she's worked very hard to take control of her life and do what she needed to do to be the parent her child needs- and this year shes finally gotten custody back, moved her upstairs ect .


    My friend and her husband recently announced to a few people that she was 8 weeks pregnant and then a week later ( last friday) she developed some issues with the pregnancy. Things did not look very good on Saturday at the ER but she has sortof been holding her own so she goes to her regular OB tomorrow for a blood test and ultrasound. . . I think to determine the status of the pregnancy.

    I'm feeling pretty positive that since her symptoms were mild and stopped after a few days that she is ok, i just feel that it is so. She had the same symptoms with her first baby and I think it's just scary for her and she's not thinking totally clearly.

    But they are really scared and I thought I'd reach out and ask the people of BYC to pray for them. The appointment is tomorrow AM and It would mean alot if they had some thoughts headed their way. She deserves this baby. They both do.

    I'm not sure if you need their names but they are Jenn and Saul.

  2. prayers for both of them, and their little girl, who must be worried as well. Hugs!
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    chickensducks&agoose :

    prayers for both of them, and their little girl, who must be worried as well. Hugs!

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