Prayer Request please - Husband with cardiac problems


Love God, Hubby & farm
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Apr 13, 2008
Bowdon, GA
I'll be brief here as I must dash to morning chores....alone this morning... It's time like today that I wonder if we have too many animals - feeding 400plus and milking all the goats, etc. is a three hour job each morning.

My dearest hubby is having apparent cardiac problems. His stress test will be today. I have wonderful support here but wanted to ask my prayer warriors on this board to say a prayer.

He is stable. His blood pressure is extremely high and he is having classic signs. He is on heart monitor etc. He is otherwise healthy as a horse and strong! But his family has history of cardiac problems, lost father and uncle after repetitive heart attacks. Father at age 50...

We both have strong faith and I know God is with us through everything but we need prayers. I just love him SOOO much..God bless each of you today. I just know today and yesterday more than ever that we only live one day at a time and that is IT! Every breath dependent upon God and I know God is good all the time and he will strengthen us for everything but today I feel a bit weak. It's as if the animals know something is a bit off. Yesterday's chores the goats decided to escape.....I rounded up with feed. A turkey flew out...Got him thanks to the Lord. The critters miss him on rounds, I believe.

Well I ramble - smile - those that know me know I do. Love to each of you and Thanks for the prayers.
I will add you guys to my praylist
My prayers are for Jaque and for you. The Lord will see you through this. Remember to stay with him for the strength to see ya'll through. We will keep you in our prayers. May God bless you two.


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