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    a little back story.... My friend and her daughter live with my her mom and dad. she doest work hes a medical condition,. she had 4 other children that were removed from her care . her mother adopted 2 and a preacher and his wife adopted the other 2...

    she aparently met a guy on the internet... Never seen him but has been talking to him for awhile. she told me her parents loved him and he was crazy about her daughter.Her parents never met him and she had no vehicle top ge meet anyone anywhere and she never left the home.. except with her mother...welll she checked her daughter out of school yesterday and moved all of her stuff out of her parents home while her mom was getting groceries. her mom called my crying yesterday. the little girld dad is from pacistan (he has been wanting custody of his daughter and always want to take her to see his family in pacistan. He only has supervised visits) she wont return any ones calls. she is not fit to take care of her daughter. she always chooses abusive men to be around. we believe her daughter is indanger(she is only 7 but acts like she is 4) her grandmother told her mother wed. she needed to start helping around the house or at least help take care of her daughter . it wasnt a fight. Her mom is devistated...

    Please pray she comes home and that her and her daughter are safe... We dont have a good feeling about this. And to keep her daddy from getting custody of the little girl so he cant take her to pacistan(sorry cant spell)

    UPDATE: the little girl is back with her grandparents. not sure of the details. I saw it was posted on facebook by her aunt. and little girl his happy to be home... I will post more when I know more.

    thanks for all of your prayers.
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    [​IMG] for you, and prayers being said too!
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    Lord, put your hand on this family right now. Keep this child and her mother safe and from harms way. Touch these parents , give them comfort and peace. Let these parents at least hear from this mother, let them know everything is ok. Let your will be done. Amen.

    I will call my own mom and have her put this family on the prayer list at her church.
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    Little girls dad is signing guardianship papers over to grandma and grandpa so they can try to get some help. she is also contacting cps and talking to a juge. now we need to locate them. she wont answer anyones calls. I have left her messagae. now her in box is full. I even texted her to please let me know she is ok I wont ask any questions but I havent heard from her. I know she will call me one day. I know she will make a mistake but what is happening to her why we wait

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