Prayer requests for a sick little girl, a friend's daughter

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    I have a friend whose little girl contracted MRSA from her friend's child who apparently has spread it to at least 3 other children. My friend's little girl is only about 19 months old and she developed an nasty, painful sore, high fevers, and stopped eating or drinking. So my friend and her husband rushed her to the hospital. They admitted the baby (her name is Rachel) and this morning they performed surgery, I assume to remove the sore and surrounding tissue. I was gone most of today and missed getting all the updates. Rachel is still refusing to eat or drink. The doctors are trying to figure out what the next step is. Tomorrow my friend is contacting her local health department and the CDC. She wants the woman who is KNOWINGLY allowing her child to spread this disease to be forced to give her child the antibiotics necessary to eliminate it from his system. My friend is also 8 months pregnant and is having a terribly difficult pregnancy. She is in the hospital more days than she is at home due to problems with contractions, swelling, high blood pressure that is causing blackouts, and lack of fetal movement. She has a scheduled C-section later in June. She and her husband are under a lot of stress and her husband had to take their oldest child home to sleep as he has school tomorrow (he's 4). I am asking, please, please, PLEASE, add this family in your prayers. I am so worried about Rachel. I've been worried about my friend for weeks now. She has had major complications since very early on with this pregnancy. The baby she is pregnant with is a boy, and his name will be Christian Anthony Ray. Please keep this family in your prayers. I'll update as soon as I hear something.

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    Apr 24, 2009
    Tab, Indiana
    I wanted to add that Rachel's IV isn't sticking, and the doctors can't seem to get another one started. [​IMG]
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    We all come to this earth life with a set of talents and trials.

    Looks like your neighbor is experiencing the latter lately.

    God bless the little girl and her pregnant momma. Jesus, remove the MRSA from Rachel and bring her home safely from the hospital. We ask it in Thy Holy Name. Amen!
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    Thank you Mahonri. And I know we step into each life with a series of trials and tribulations to overcome, and yes, my friend is having an awful time right now. As for an update, her sister-in-law updated me a little. Rachel's IV still hasn't been put in, it won't stick. She still isn't eating or drinking and my friend is sitting and holding her, trying to comfort her. The abscess that the doctors removed was on Rachel's backside (Ouch!). So far, that's all I really know. I will continue with updates as I find things out.
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    I will keep the whole family in my prayers and thoughts
  6. Healing prayers are going Rachel's way that she heal quickly and that her appetite turns around and that the IV
    does exactly what it's supposed to! Also, sticky, healthy baby and Momma prayers are headed your friend's way!
    What a lovely friend you are for worrying and caring about your loved ones! They may not be able to say so I'll say it on their
    behalf- thank you! Thank you for being such an awesome friend, for your support and love! [​IMG]
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    Prayers coming their way...

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    My prayers are with her and her family and also with the child that is sick and passed it on, she must be in horrible condition too poor things!
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    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    I ask for a healing touch for Rachel,Her Momma and the coming Baby Boy Christian. Also for the poor child who has the same medical problems. I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ. Thank you.

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