Prayers for a friend and her baby in a bad situation.

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    I have a friend who got married and had a baby. She is now looking at getting a divorce. Now I am normally not for going the easy route but she isn't honestly. We know him and had hopes that he would grow up and even more hopes after the baby came he would grow up. Instead its turned ugly and controlling and just not a healthy environment anymore. He apparently had some addictions we did not know about. Might lose his job because of these. Is probably going to lose his wife and baby because of these. She is torn up but is praying for the right path. He has refused counseling and she is just not sure how much worse it can get before things explode. It is already a too close to abusive for my taste.

    If everyone could just send positive thoughts and lots of prayers. She really needs some guidance. She never wanted to be divorced and single again. She doesn't want to remove the baby from him but she may have no choice at this rate. just pray please. Her name is Renee

    Thanks all
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    I'll put her on my list! Hope she and baby can get into a safe environment!
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    [​IMG] for your friend and her baby.
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    If she is leaving she needs a seriously SAFE place. Worst time for a woman is just before and after leaving an unhealthy relationship. Spouse needs to not have her location for the time being. If he is losing his job,wife,and child all at once that can result in a very dangerous situation.

    Prayers for a good outcome!
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