Prayers for a homeless woman....*Update/ long RANT pg 3**

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    Sunday night I was headed off to work when I met a woman with car trouble. The starter had gone out and the car would not turn over. I tried for about 20 minutes to help her - beating and banging on the thing. No good! So I asked her if there was anyone she could call to come help her. No one. Then I asked her how far away she lived. Maybe I could give her a ride. She told me that she was homeless and living in her car for the past couple of months.

    I was floored. It was 1030 at night and this lady - not much older than me - was stuck in a parking lot with now where to go and no way to get there. She was obviously distressed about not being able to go "somewhere safe". I told her I had to go to work, but if she was still there in the morning when I got back she could come to my house and shower, wash clothes and eat.

    Well, she was still there, so I invited her home with me. Come to find out, she lost her apartment after her boyfriend of 2 years got arrested for selling drugs. She had signed over temporary custody of her 15 yr old daughter to a friend so at least the child was not living in the car anymore. She is flat broke and has no job. She has a knee that she has had surgery on but it needs to be replaced and she is diabetic. She said she has filed for disability compensation and she has an attorney, but the case won't be heard until September!

    My husband and I have set her up over our garage - it's a finished room so she will at least have some privacy. We are scouting around for a starter so she can at least get back and forth to her doctor appointments. But, we aren't super rich - heck, we aren't even modestly broke!!! We really could use some prayers on this one. The Lord works in mysterious ways and we know she has been put in our lives for a reason, sometimes though, a little extra "good vibes" doesn't hurt.
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    You are a kind soul for taking her in! Your family and she will be in my prayers.
  3. What a wonderful thing to do! We have no clue what it is to be homeless do we? God put you in that spot at that time to help this woman . . .and the bible says to bring strangers into your home, as one of them may be an angel. I hope she can get some fast help, would your local public aid office be able to help her? Or how about a church giving some money for the part? God bless you!!!
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    Quote:My thoughts exactly!
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    Scbatz, you really put into action your compassion for people in trouble. Not many people would do that. They'd drive them to the nearest shelter and forget all about it.

    May God bless your efforts on her behalf.
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    Wow, what a lucky woman she is. You all will be in my thoughts and prayers.
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    Being homeless is no fun and can happen to anyone.

    Thank you for helping.
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    Quote:My husband was homeless when he was much younger - mostly because of stupid things he did.. he has told me some of the things he did to just eat. It's an awful thing.

    She has told me she has no family here - they are all in GA. She has tried to go to what ever shelters are in the area, but they are full - a sad commentary on our society, IMO. I know she gets aid for her child - food stamps, SSI - but she has turned that over to the woman who is caring for the child. She is also supposed to be receiving child support. He apparently hasn't paid in several months. I told her we would contact the county attorney where the case was held and find out about collecting it. I don't think she is a member of any church but I had planned on contacting some agencies - salvation army, catholic charities, etc. But, since we just moved here ourselves, I'm not sure what resources are available to us.

    I did post on Craig's List about the car part since we were having a tough time finding reasonably priced GM parts - wow, can't imagine why! We have gotten a couple initial responses and are waiting for the follow up.

    Thanks everyone for keeping her in your prayers. Like I told her the other day, sometimes you just need someone to help you so the bad stuff will stop snowballing and you can begin to move forward in a positive way.
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    Apr 16, 2009
    Bless you. Prayers coming, for you all.
  10. MaggieBeth

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    Feb 12, 2009
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    Wow what a blessing you are to her right now! Who knows maybe a good (and Cheap!) starter will come your way. Until then I hope that everything starts looking up for this lady.

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