Prayers for My Family Needed *Update Pg. 2*

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    I just received word from my family in OK that my grandpa was taken to the ER. When he was younger he worked in a factory melting down metals. Somewhere in that position, he received lead poisoning which seriously cut down on his lung function. The doctor said that at the best, he still has 50% function. He went in tonight with shallow, wet breathing. They think it's pneumonia.

    This is already a hard year because my dad lost his mother (my grandma) earlier this year. We lost my mom almost 3 years ago and her birthday is coming up February 23. It's just a really hard time. To top it off, his wedding day is coming closer and closer.

    I'll post updates when I get them, but my dad told me not to come home unless something drastic happens. In the meantime, I'm getting updates from my cousin who is staying the night with him.

    Please pray for my family and my dad especially. Prayers for my grandfather would be appreciated also, but I know the Lord will do as he sees fit.
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    Prayers for you and your family.[​IMG]
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    Yes, am sending prayers for everyone. [​IMG]
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    Believing right along with you!! Where 2 or more agree! We have a lot more than that right here my friend!! [​IMG]
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    Prayer said Ropo! [​IMG]
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    Father, look after this family with attention and the constant love You give us all, but wrap them in Your peaceful embrace with special care. God, breathe strength to endure into this father, son, husband- he needs his heavy burdens lifted now and an easy go of it for a while. Give peace to this whole family, and healing of the body, heart and soul, Lord Father, as they need You for hope and healing. All this in Jesus's name, Amen.
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    Prayers and [​IMG] coming at you and the family......
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    For some reason, the ER doc gave the option for my grandpa to go home or to stay at the ER. Naturally he wanted to come home, but my aunt (nurse) says that shouldn't have even been an option.

    they say he has a C-pap (what on earth is that) on him but that his breathing is still shallow and very wet. He was talking in his sleep, was cool to the touch but was sweating and kept saying he was hot.

    I got a text from my dad this morning saying that grandpa had been put into the ICU.

    Thank you for the prayers and warm-wishes all. [​IMG]
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