Prayers for my friend


5 Years
Dec 29, 2017
Battle Ground, WA
Need some prayers for my friend.
He was forced to cull his 3 year old pet rooster. His rooster was named Peanut because he was found in a dumpster as a chick with other baby chicks and peanut bags. Sadly only one of the other baby chicks survived along with Peanut. My friend had given the other baby chick to someone else as he felt it was better for it than to stay with Peanut as she would have been the only female.

Anyway, my friend's partner has always hated Peanut and despite Peanut being a friendly rooster, he ended up attacking my friend's daughter. My friend didn't know until after he culled Peanut that his partner made Peanut attack the child. She kept smacking Peanut until he lunged at her and the child. His daughter ended up getting lot of stitches.

My friend and his daughter are very upset about it.

Peanut was a Frizzle mix and a very sweet rooster. He had free roam of the house and wore a diaper when he was inside but it got taken off whenever he went outside.

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