Prayers needed for Vermont man taken by Somali pirates.

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    Please no debate.
    A man in Vermont has been taken hostage by the Pirates in Somalia while working on a boat over there. I do not personally know him, nor do I live close to him, but it seems right to pray for him. He has tried to escape and I hope he makes it through this okay.
    Let's hope for the best.
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  2. HobokenChickenEmergency

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    Mar 18, 2009
    Did you read that article today about it from Kenya? It says negotiations have "broken down".

    I'm definitely praying for him and his family.

    Yesterday on the radio, they interviewed some of his friends, and they said the attempted escape sounded just like him; that there's nothing he would not do to get back to his family. And that he offered himself as a hostage for the release of his crew. What a brave man!
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    Faith without works is dead. It's why we have specially trained Navy Seals.

    But I'll still pray for him.
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    He has been FREED!
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