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  1. Anyone that has a little dog probably knows that they don't think they're little at all. especially when they grow up with a new pitbull pup. which grows extremly fast and becomes his best friend. my little chiweenie has gotten the idea that he's big. So when the other two are rough housing and runnin around outside he trys to b a part of it.

    Today I took my eye of of them one min to go pee in the house and I all of a sudden hear carhdee, my chiweenie, whining so loud that it sounded like a baby screaming bloody murder. I ran out and he's layin on the ground still yelping I pick him up and his leg is totally limp. I instantly knew it was broke and went straight to the vet. Now he's there waitin on surgery. I just ask for everyones prayers and any advice on what to do on his homecoming. Thank you.
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    Apr 14, 2007
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    Prayer coming your way for your lil dog.
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    Sorry to hear about your little dog. Probably need to keep them separated from now on. He is too small.
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    So sorry your dog has been injured, but glad to hear it's in good hands!
  5. I'm so sorry to hear about your little dog. I hope that everything turns out alright! Prayers are coming! [​IMG]
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    so sorry [​IMG]
    I'm sure he'll be alright
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    I'm sorry; but it will probably be fine. I had the same thing happen years ago (although not with such a difference in dog sizes) when our new puppy was playing with our older German Shepherd/Akita mix. They were just playing but the GS didn't turn away in time and bowled him over. Broke his leg. He was in a cast for a few weeks and it was a challenge to keep him 1) from walking on the leg. The vet says, "don't let that puppy walk on that cast for two weeks!" Yeah, right!! 2) to keep him from chewing the cast off.

    It all went well for us, although we had to be so diligent in keeping our eye on that little guy. He recovered 100% and never had any ill effects from his accident.
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    Feb 15, 2008
    I am going through a hard time to.
    Infact im crying trying to type.
    I thinke my rabbit is going to die,some dogs freaked my pheasents out and the male has a real bad gush on his head and my bird through her eggs out of the nest 1 day befor they hatch. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    babychickfarmer and Poultryraiser: I'm sorry you are both having such hard times. Hopefully today is a better day for both you and your animals.
  10. I hope your pup will be fine, will be praying for him, as we have a great Dane a Pitt bull and a yorkie, I know what it is when they get to playing,Miss Mia, our Pitt thinks she is as small as our yorkie and doesn;t understand that she can hurt him, but life is never dull at our house.[​IMG]

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