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I have a lifelong friend who fell off the reality boat some years back. Smartest woman I know, and that's saying a lot. As a scientist and collegiate chemistry professor, she began cooking a variation of meth at home, with her 15 and 11 year old daughters in the house. She went totally off kilter and began selling it through train-hopping transients, sleeping with guys for money, and then robbed a drug dealer.

All of this was while teaching, while fooling all of us other normal moms, friends, neighbors, etc.

The drug dealer turned himself in, just to turn her in. While she was in jail, her mom died- the very involved, supportive grandmother of these kids.

These gifted students who seemed a bit introverted apparently had many other issues once all of this was discovered. They wet to live with their father and his other family, from whom they'd been kept except for a few weeks a year and a couple weekends. The father and the step-mom had always been sold to me as terrible people, and as part of the manipulative mess that my friend had created, it was part of the struggle these girls had to go through to learn to trust this other very supportive family. I reached out to them, because my eldest was closest to the eldest daughter, just as I had been so close to this mother prior to her crash-and-burn. I have helped them through all of the custodial battles and in trying to keep the kids from having unsupervised visits with my former friend, who has gotten pregnant by an unknown father and sold the baby to the highest bidding adoptive couple in intervening months. She might consider this a new revenue stream.

This morning, in about 45 minutes, they will be in court to determine whether the mother should regain custody. These girls had venereal diseases when put in child protective services when the cops first arrested their mom. Still virgins, but with multiple VD. We don't know what they've been through fully, yet, though they are in counseling twice a week. The younger is showing signs of Borderline Personality Disorder and Attachment Disorder already. They are just now getting past hoarding food in their rooms, despite having everything they need and intense psychological counseling. It's terrifying to think she'll ever get them alone as adolescents.

Please pray they will continue to be in their father's care. Please pray my 'friend' will get better and stop being an addict and horrific drag on society. Please pray these girls will get past this beginning and have some semblance of a normal life, a chance to find love, have a family and be productive, happy members of society.

Thanks, guys. I know you are supportive, and I appreciate it more than you know! Each of you!!

to the little girls that need support & normalcy in their lives....and to you!
Thank you- I'm just really wanting to raise these girls up with the best help they can get...and I know your lips to God's ear is a big help.

I wish I could tell the rest of the's so surreal no one would believe it. It'd make a good TV show.

I just hope the court agrees the kids don't need to be alone with her.

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