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6 Years
Apr 16, 2013
Central Ohio
Hi all, I have joined this forum to learn all I can before I dive in to chicken ownership! I'm thinking of a max of 4 hens. I expect the hens to be pets with the extra benefit of eggs! Right now I'm studying coop and run designs and surveying my yard for the best location. I live on one acre wooded lot. Thinking the area behind and outbuilding will be the best spot. Rain expected today so I'm going to check the area to see if and how the water runs off.
Looking forward to learning all I can!
Greetings from Kansas, Ritaroo, and
! Pleased you joined us! A couple bits of advice on coops - if you don't mind it in being view of the house, build it where it can be seen - chickens give a lot away from their behavior and you might be able to see potential predator threats by watching your birds. Secondly, try to give it some shade as well as some breeze for the hot times. Lastly, make it bigger than you think you need - you may want to increase you flock one day. Good luck to you and enjoy!!
Thanks Redsox! I have another area much closer to the house that I'm considering. Both areas are very shaded so either I think will be a good spot. I live in Central Ohio so the weather can go from one extreme to the next! Our summers are pretty humid. I know ventilation will be key. Any suggestions on a breed of chicken? I have two dogs and a cat... They are all pretty calm and used to watching wild turkeys,squirrels etc pass through and generally pay no attention. Is there a more laid back chicken?
Hello all! Well, I checked zoning and there are no laws against me owning hens. So, I purchased 3 Buff Orpington pullets from a feed store which receive their stock from a reputable hatchery that guarantees 90% accuracy in sexing. The chicks are now 10 days old and one is definitely feathering much slower than the other two. Although not smaller in height, the chick feels lighter than the other two. It eats, drinks, poops the same as the others. It has shorter wings and a downy body while the other two have long wing feathers and the starts of tail and body feathers. Do you think this slow to feather chick is a roo??? I've read a lot of articles and many of the ones about feather growth indicate I may indeed have a roo. However, I've read others that say I may just have to wait and see.

I may go back and get one more chick ....

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