Pre-natal vitamins for chickens

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    I have a friend who's flock of 6 birds, (including one rooster) is going to be providing me with 2 dozen hatching eggs. So, I've got her on the band wagon with supplying her flock with an enhanced diet prior to and during collecting eggs. Her girl's standard fare is what ever layer crumble they purchase locally, (fed dry), plus what ever table scraps they might have available. I'll be supplying her with a starter batch of higher protein FF, and some mixed sprouts (BOSS, lentil, wheat and barley), as well as some Nutri-drench. So the flock will be getting an enhanced diet starting a week before she starts collecting eggs, and continue for the week of egg collection. She's a pediatric nurse by vocation, so it wasn't a hard sell at all! I've also asked her to note if there is any change in the quality of her eggs, especially re: over all egg size and yolk size once they start on the supplemented diet.

    Has any one else who is hatching eggs done anything specific (related to the diet of the parents) to increase the chick viability.

    If anyone is in an ongoing hatching program, it'd be great to do a comparison study of chick hatchability/viability with parents on a standard fare diet vs. vitamin supplemented and/or FF diet. If anyone is able to take on the challenge of such a study, please start a thread in this section!!!!

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    I always give my chickens and guineas vitamins and extra protien for a month or so before collecting eggs. I think it helps![​IMG]

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