Pre-sale coturnix eggs--mixed pen/rare colors

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    This is a PRESALE, the birds are just starting to lay and crow. It should be no later than the end of February before eggs go out. Please do not use the BIN button but contact me about placing an order.

    I need to get an accurate head count of my birds, so I'm not sure how many I have exactly of some of the colors. I do know I have 4 whites (1 or 2 males and 2 or 3 females), 4 cinnamons (1 male, 3 females), 2 reds (both females), some rosettas (I think about 5, males & females), and at least one dark tibetan tuxedo. Then of course I have the browns and goldens. Currently they are all together in the same pen.

    The price of the eggs is $4 per dozen plus shipping. Shipping is between $5 and $10 usually depending on how many you get and where you are located.

    Last year I hatched mostly goldens and tuxedos (rosetta and dark tibetan), but have hatched whites, browns, and fawn/cinnamons. Customers have reported hatching red.

    I cannot guarantee your hatch due to postal handling and your incubation techniques. I always send extras and rarely have any breakages. However, if for any reason you receive less than the number of eggs ordered that are suitable for hatching, I will replace them provided you pay shipping.

    I don't think I have any feedback on this new system, but I have quite a lot on the old feedback system. Unfortunately I don't have the link to that. You can check my feedback on eBay, username friend-2-fowl.

    Cinnamon (back left), whites, and some goldens
    Browns (jumbo)
    Tuxedo (front, reds in back)

    Most of these pics were taken before I had to put them all together. I plan to separate them by color again this spring, just as soon as I get a pen built for my doves [​IMG]

    ETA: The browns and goldens are jumbos, but since they are all together right now it's hard to say how big yours would be.
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