Pre-sale Mallard Hatching Eggs( Summer Kick Off)

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    Nov 1, 2014
    This sale is a Pre-Sale for Mallard Hatching Eggs.

    The Eggs will be shipped as soon as my ducks start laying.
    (May/June 2015)
    The weather effects it greatly.
    Best to get on the list now.

    -The Eggs are $20 a Dozen.

    -Shipping Vary's Between Locations

    - I will contact you on here or by email if given, when the eggs are ready to be ship.

    -The eggs will pack very well to prevent any postal damage.

    -The eggs will be wrap with bubble wrap and news paper to with stand any pressure.

    -Will be shipped Priority Mail including insurance by USPS.

    -Tracking number will be included.

    Please Read Before You Buy:

    - Hatching Mallard Eggs can be a bit tricky,
    but the easiest to hatch at the same time.
    If you never hatch Mallard Eggs before please
    contact me so I may help, and do a bit of
    research before you decide to buy.

    - If for any reason we cannot ship the eggs, we will refund your money.

    - I guaranteed the eggs will be fresh, fertile and ship to you in good condition.

    - Please keep in mind , due to the condition of shipping ,
    in which I have no control over,The post office's handling
    and treatment, or how long it takes for the eggs to get to you or
    your incubating practices as purchasing hatching
    eggs always has its risks. I can not be held responsible
    for the hatching rate.

    - I am only responsible for the conditions the eggs arrive to you in.

    -Meaning cracks or broken.

    - Payment is due before shipment. Must be sent through Paypal.

    Thank you very much for visit and have a nice day!​
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